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8 reasons to have your oven professionally cleaned by Amazing Ovens

1.Shop bought oven cleaners are highly caustic and produce some quite overpowering fumes that can cause nasty burns if you get them on your skin, and can irritate the lungs especially in people with asthma and other breathing problems.

Amazing Ovens only use non caustic, fume free products within your home and so are completely safe for you and your family and pets.

2. Caustic cleaners can cause damage to the enamel and other surfaces of your oven which cannot be reversed.

Amazing Ovens uses only non caustic products and elbow grease that is completely safe.

3. A dirty oven with a lot of grease can be a fire risk.Burnt on carbon can cause a lot of smoke which is not pleasant.

We will safely remove all traces of grease and burnt on carbon so that you can enjoy cooking again.

4. Oven cleaning can be a long , dirty and arduous task.

Amazing Ovens will do all the hard work for you!

5. Many ovens have a door that is not easy to clean between the glass without the use of screwdrivers and other tools.

Althought here is the odd oven on the market that has glass that is not possible to clean between, these are rare. We are able to open up almost all oven doors and clean between the glass panels, and make your door look like new, so you will be able to see the lovely food that you are cooking.

6. When doing DIY oven cleaning the shelves and shelf racks can be fiddly and difficult to get really clean.

At AmazingOvens all removable parts of your oven, including shelves, shelf racks, the back panel and removable self cleaning liners will be removed ( where possible) and soaked in our special decarbonising solution in a tank in the van to bring them back to their best. We will even clean the fan!

7. Oven lightbulbs can be fiddly to replace.

Amazing Ovens will replace them free of charge.

8. And if you needed another reason, Amy is friendly, tidy and professional and will get on with possibly the most hated household chore with no fuss, leaving you to do something less boring instead.